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Storyboards On Demand


Storyboards On Demand came to us with their vision to provide storyboarding services for the creative community in a new way, but it was still early stages. Their aim was to disrupt the future of storyboards by providing professional storyboards in minutes, with just a few simple steps.

Got IT Digital was chosen for the important task of bringing their idea for the next big thing in storyboards to life.

They entrusted us to guide the process from ideation to launch – and beyond – for their innovative concept. This complex project pulled skills from our entire Got IT Digital team, and brought us together to shape this startup’s digital design, development and marketing strategy.

Storyboards on demand
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Storyboard Mob

A Solid Brand Building Process

Storyboards on Demand provides a marketplace for artists and branding agencies to buy concept art, on demand as well as custom designs, for pitches and projects. This unique service competes with major players in the creative scene, so the design and content had to clearly convey what makes them different (and better). Their target audience is creative directors, art directors, and other agency creatives – so the graphics had to impress.

We set out to introduce their new concept in illustration through a web presence with interesting visuals, an intuitive user experience, effective SEO, and engaging email marketing campaigns. We sharpened creative direction throughout industry research and lively client conversations.

The technical side of this E-Commerce site called for expertise in HTML5, CSS3, and Jquery. Along the way we added advanced WordPress features, such as coupon code capability and abandoned cart tracking to generate recovery emails. We dedicated a lot of thinking to the management of users’ uploads – it was crucial that we got this part right.

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Bringing An Idea to Life

We started with internal market research: scouring digital marketplaces to compare photography, pictures, and design elements to see what was already being used and to spark ideas to differentiate their service in a way that hasn’t been done before.
This helped us to lead the client through concepts for wireframes and design, where the project really came to life.
We incorporated high-fidelity design for desktop and retina display. Since this company caters to designers, it was most important to provide high resolution for all screen sizes.

This top-to-bottom project was about more than just creative design of the website, the user experience needed to be simple and effective. For every tool, feature, and detail we questioned: ‘Does this need to be here? And if so, why?’ This help us to refine the site with the most important elements, while reducing visual clutter.

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Our Strategy for Success

As we collaborated with the client in bi-weekly meetings, internal discussions on defining the product were also exciting. The project scope was becoming more defined, and we found ourselves in enthusiastic discussions surrounding translating our client’s ideas into tangible solutions.

After fine-tuning the specifics, the stage was set for tackling more detailed projects. We worked to align Storyboard on Demand’s messaging and content with SEO best practices, while still being relevant to the reader. Images were well thought out, auto tagged and formatted for best load speed.

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Next Steps: Nurturing Customer Engagement

As the website was being finalized, our focus turned to marketing automation to nurture and continuously engage customers.

We designed Email campaigns for Pre-launch and Post-Launch to create interest, engagement, and a boost in traffic.

Customer conversation and conversion was addressed with a Trigger Email campaign strategy, and lost sales were given one more chance at recovery through incorporating Abandoned Cart emails.

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