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Pure Aire

Top-of-the-line products and innovative thinking

Got IT Digital has proudly become one of the leading firms in digital marketing because we choose to work with best-in-class clients that have similar values to ours. PureAire is the leading manufacturer for gas detection, working with clients like Nasa, Apple, and Tesla. Their values, like ours, are simple—immediate, excellent customer service, top-of-the-line products, and innovative thinking.

PureAire came to us with the challenge of completely redesigning their website, including rebuilding their entire e-commerce section. They wanted technology that would not just work but impress. We delivered.

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PureAire Mob

Website Refresh and Optimization

We worked with their team to create a polished look and feel which fit into a highly customized, coded layout built from scratch. Our team optimized the PureAire site speed by 35%, allowing for better rankings on Google as well as making for a prime user experience. This optimization also led to better sales conversions.

A brand’s website is its most powerful form of introduction to potential partners and customers. In order to keep PureAire at the top of the line, we wanted their website to emulate the values they stood for

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E-Commerce Build Out

For a brand that works with quality products and big partners, robust e-commerce capabilities are a crucial element for success. Our team completely rebuilt PureAire’s e-commerce platform so that current and potential customers could enjoy the best online purchasing experience.

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Lead Generation SEO

The best way to generate leads for your company online is through a rigorous, strategically detailed SEO plan. We took the time to dive deep into PureAire’s target audience, competitive landscape, and product line to

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A well-designed website is one where users can navigate effectively and quickly. Our web team places tremendous importance on the user interface and experience.

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