Brush Creek Ranch

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” — Walt Disney


We were approached by a branding agency working with a large luxury ranch and corporate retreat group. They laid before us stunning photography and a compelling brand story with one big problem—they had no capabilities of bringing their assets to life digitally.

Brush Creek Ranch offers some of the most elite vacation packages in the country. They needed a digital presence that would match their reputation. In short, they needed a top-of-the-line web presence that would WOW their clientele. The catch? They needed four immeasurably unique digital brand presences created in 60 days.


UX/UI Engineering
SEO Consulting
Website Development

Agile Project Management

From a timing and technical standpoint, the Brush Creek Ranch undertaking was massive. It was crucial to develop a tight workflow across the board. Our project managers worked in sync with the clients to accomplish the following:

  • Daily group calls involved the client’s branding team, marketing team, photographers, SEO team, copywriters and PR group
  • Breakout calls to tackle intricate pieces of the project
  • Built and managed a project workflow system that could be tracked by all parties Established and maintained a working budget
  • Successful delivery of four highly advanced websites in 60 days

User Experience Architecting

Our project management, SEO, and design team analyzed granular website user data and worked seamlessly with the client’s marketing department to develop a sophisticated online user journey.

  • Executed high-quality UX work creating a digital user journey
  • Applied specialized knowledge of responsive design & layouts
  • Succeeded at creating a stunning and engaging user experience
  • Implementation of Pardot Marketing Automation Software

Website Development

Our development team worked in sync to build four separate websites from the ground up. Every single element of Brush Creek Ranch’s digital presence was built entirely from scratch and tested for optimal user experience. We applied our best and most complex industry knowledge to the project, including specialized elements such as:

  • Layered parallax scroll
  • Cinemagraphs
  • Rapid transitions